We have started our journey with providing a quality eco-friendly solutions by selling Solar energy products. Famous 3Rs reduce, reuse & recycle are key base for our solutions. As first step, we are currently focusing on reducing our conventional electrical energy consumption by implementing rooftop Solar products for home & office.

Also we are pitching into industrial solar energy and provide viable & optimized solutions to run their industry with maximum savings. Come let us achieve together to save energy & reduce carbon foot prints.

Our Solutions & offerings

  • We have stepped up with Solar initiative and tied up with BORG Energy Solar products.
  • We are providing other thermal Solar solutions for heating in home, offices & Hotels.
  • We are also proposing solutions in Luminaries increase Lumens with reduce usage of energy, specifically LED lights & fixtures.
  • We are also providing electrical design & services for commercial sectors.
  • We provides Home security solutions and Home energy automation.